When You Need Help Filing for Bankruptcy

When You Need Help Filing for Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Those From Hartford & Manchester, CT

Are you tired of living in debt? Get financial relief with help from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney at Novak Law Office, P.C. in Manchester, CT.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also called a wage earner's plan, allows you to repay all or some of your debt over a period of time. Schedule an appointment with us before filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We'll work hard to make the process as simple as possible for you. We service clients throughout all of Connecticut.

Pull yourself out from under your crushing debt

Stop living in financial turmoil - get help from Novak Law Office today. Attorney Novak will assist you in gathering all of the necessary information to determine if filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may:

  • Stop foreclosure proceedings
  • Protect cosigners
  • Stop interest from accruing
  • Stop IRS harassment
  • Repay mortgage arrearages, save your home
  • Repay IRS debt over 5 year

Call us at 860-257-1980 right away to schedule an appointment. Attorney Novak can also help you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 12 bankruptcy, if needed.