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Brian L.

I highly recommend attorney Novac and his paralegal Barbara Germain. They were absolutely wonderful and easy to work with. They answered every question that I had. They were very patient with me. It took a lot for me to make the decision to file bankruptcy. The process for me took a bit longer, as I had suffered the loss of both my parents in a span of 18 months.

They were extremely patient and supportive. After the dust settled, and I was refocused on my task it was a fairly quick process. The fee was very reasonable considering the amount of debt I had acquired over time. Barbara met with me many times to go over in person certain things I needed help with. Email and phone correspondence was absolutely the best. My answers were given to me in a very speedy fashion.

It was a very traumatic thing for me to do. I can't say enough about their expertise. Truly the best at what they do. Thank you again Attorney Novak and paralegal Barbara Germain.
Sincerely, Brian L.

Edmund S.

I highly recommend Att. Novak and his paralegal Barbara Germain in filing for bankruptcy. I should have done it long ago but hesitated for several reasons such as a sense of shame for walking away from one's debts and also the sense that it would be far too complex an issue and I would just waste more money on attorney's fees. But then nearing retirement, and seeing my latter years would be miserable along with my body starting to wear out - I finally took the plunge. It was far easier to do than I ever imagined. The first consultation is free which got me in the office. The total cost was far cheaper than I thought it would be, and when I got my federal tax refund I earmarked it for bankruptcy. Attn. Novak talks fast, he's done this so many times. I paid attention the best I could as legal minutia is not my language. I then took the packet home which was the hardest thing for me to do trying to figure out all I spent, bought, etc. etc. for the past numerous years. I sweated it way too much as when I next sat down with Barbara there was no need for exact numbers and she knew the stuff that counted and what didn't. Just talk to Barbara if you are stressed with the packet. I took the pre-test and post-test. Advice to you is to take accurate written notes while you go through the inexpensive on-line course as you can then use the notes to answer the questions. I would never have passed if I didn't take notes. The hearing was almost formulaic - no creditors showed up to challenge any of the dozen or so people I saw filing for bankruptcy in front of the judge. I had a tough time answering his questions about what I did with my last 2 years of federal tax refunds because I was on vicodin for a blown out knee while in a full leg cast and on crutches - but the judge still approved me. Initially Attn. Novak thought I would only qualify for Chapter 13 but in the end I got through with Chapter 7 which means debt free. The feeling of shame for walking away from my debts is growing less each day - the feeling of relief that I might actually have a decent retirement - is making me feel alive again. I highly recommend Attn. Novak and paralegal Barbara Germain if you think bankruptcy is a possibility for you. Don't put it off for 9 years like i did. It's not as hard as you think - as long as you are honest.

Kalyan k C.

Anthony Novak's law firm goes above and beyond to help it's clients concluded their case both ethically and favourably.
We would be remiss if we failed to mention the high level of empathy, encouragement and promptness in the handling of our case by the staff and specially Barbara Germaine.
Kalyan k C.

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